Wood Balusters

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Our complete line of wood balusters provides the selection that you need to get the perfect look for your home. All wood balusters are unfinished natural wood that is ready to be stained, unless specified at Paint Grade or Primed White. Paint Grade Balusters are ready to be primed and then painted, but are not generally considered to be "Stain Grade". Primed White balusters are "pre-primed" with white primer and ready for painting. If you have any questions, please call us. Our stairway professionals are ready to help.

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The Beauty in Wood Balusters

Balusters, also referred to as spindles, are a very important stair part. A grouping of balusters is referred to as a balustrade. Spindles are...

Updating Traditional Staircases with Wood Balusters

Many homeowners are in search of ways to update their staircase. For some, update translates to modernize, but many still love and appreciate the architectural beauty of traditional staircases. One popular trend is...