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Balusters & Spindles offers a wide variety of wood and wrought iron balusters. Our wood baluster selection features American made, hand-crafted balusters as well as contractor grade balusters. We are often asked, "What is the difference between your American crafted wood balusters and your contractor grade wood balusters?" Simply put, our American craftsmen take more time in turning the balusters and prioritize attention to detail. Each American hand-crafted baluster is inspected individually and hand sanded prior to shipping. This means contractors spend less time sanding prior to staining in your home.

Contractor grade balusters are machine sanded much more quickly. Unfortunately, this means there is more sanding that needs to be done prior to staining. You will find that nearly all of our competitors do not offer American hand-crafted balusters. They choose to rely solely on mass produced balusters. Although there is nothing wrong with wanting contractor grade balusters, know that you may be sacrificing quality.

How does choosing American hand-crafted balusters save you time and money? Our craftsmen do a complete job of sanding while the baluster is on the lathe. This means your contractor will spend less time sanding on the job site. When you add things up, sometimes quality is a lot less expensive than you think.

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