Box Newels

Box newels, a popular choice for the staircases in the larger mansions of yesteryear, are quickly becoming the preferred choice of today’s homeowners. offers American hand-crafted box newels in a variety of styles and wood types. realizes that not everyone is looking for the same thing in stair parts. While everyone is looking to make their home spectacular, budgets and tastes vary. That's why we offer our American hand-crafted box newels in a variety of wood types and styles. If you are looking for the very highest in quality, check out our American made box newels. These box newels feature extreme attention to detail and come to you well-sanded. They are available in American Cherry, Brazilian Cherry, Red Oak, White Oak, Hard Maple, Soft Maple, Hickory and other wood types by request.

Please follow the links to see a variety of our quality box newels like the Arts & Crafts, Raised Panel, Mission and Fluted styles. In addition, we offer a straight 3 1/2" box newel called the 4075 for those wanting the box newel look in a smaller size. Our American made box newels feature lock miter joints, are hand sanded, and are of the very finest quality. Our American hand-crafted box newels are fine furniture in their own right. We believe our box newels are the very finest you will find anywhere.

Box newels make a statement. They are a piece of furniture for your stairway. Box newel posts are used in a Post to Post stairway system. In a Post to Post system, handrail fittings are not usually necessary. By contrast, in an Over the post stairway system, fittings are almost always used. If you do not have space to use a box newel on your stairway, consider using our turned newels. If you have questions about Post to Post and Over the Post systems, please call us. We are here to help.

Our newest edition to our lineup of box newels is the 4375 5" plain box newel. This box newel is just the right size for many wanting the look of a box newel, but who are limited in space. The 4375 is available in red oak as a standard grade (contractor grade) box newel. This new newel is available with either a pointy top or a flat top.

If you are looking for unbeatable quality for reasonable pricing, has the right box newel for you.

Find more information about our newel posts and the Post to Post and Over the Post systems on our blog.

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Box newels make a statement. They are a piece of furniture for your stairway. Some value the importance and appeal of box newels and others don’t see them as essential and consider them to be...

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