December 16, 2015 2 min read

Here are some easy ideas for decorating your staircase this holiday season.

Add a fresh and lively burst of bright colors by adding several of your favorite holiday wreaths. It’s a simple way to dress up the stairs, but will help extend the holiday cheer.

Hang the stockings. For those of us without a fireplace, the stairs can be a great alternative hanging place for Christmas stockings. Not only will stockings add beautiful personalized décor to your staircase, but there will be less of a chance of charred toes.

Add holiday spirit with bunches of greenery. You can use natural birch branches, red twig dogwood or any other branches. Mix with evergreens and red winterberries for fullness and texture. Using thin florist's wire, attach them to the banister posts. You can use ornaments or ribbon for added color.

Wrap the balusters in lights. Not only is this a simple way to prep your steps for the holiday parties, but it will act as a night light for late-night guests.

Collect you favorite holiday ribbons and drape them along the balusters attaching at the handrail. Big bows in holiday colors will finish the look.

Attach evergreen garland to your stairs and decorate just like you would your Christmas tree. Add lights and ornaments. You can choose to coordinate with your Christmas tree or explore a different theme just for your stairs.

Hang snowflakes from the handrail and add snow kissed garland. Bring the beautiful snow indoors by creating a winter wonderland on your stairs.

Attach holiday mugs to balusters and fill them with goodies. Not only will this add fun and cuteness to your holiday décor, your guests will love finding little treats.

Wrap various sized empty boxes in your favorite coordinating wrapping papers to look like gifts. Attach them to the balusters. But make sure to tell the kids they’re not real presents or you may have some curious tots unwrapping your holiday décor.

Candy canes are always an inexpensive and easy option and are sure to say holiday fun. Using red ribbon to attach them, hang the candy canes down the handrail.





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