December 15, 2015 1 min read

Unless your house is exactly ground level, you will need stairs in order to enter and exit your home. Handrails are often overlooked in porch design, but handrails should never be taken for granted as their added safety and stability to your steps can save you from a nasty fall.

Some homes may have five or more steps and some as little as two or three, but regardless of the number of steps, you should consider adding handrails as even one step is dangerous and can lead to a fall especially at night or in icy conditions. If you have children or elderly housemates, taking safety precautions is especially necessary.

Building codes will dictate how many steps you can have before needing a handrail. Some homeowners will even design the entryway around building codes to avoid installing a railing. This is not advised as it only takes one step to fall.

It’s a common misconception that handrails create an eyesore. This is not the case. Handrails can be a beautiful work of art as they come in many materials and designs including both iron and wood.

Handrails not only add much needed safety to your exterior steps but provide an opportunity to extend your person style and design to your outdoors. Be creative as your only limitations are building codes and your imagination.





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