December 18, 2015 2 min read

The options seem endless when it comes to the availability of the stair parts offered on the market today. Various styles, designs, materials and finishes give homeowners the ability to customize their staircase and turn it into one-of-a-kind architectural work of art. However, many homeowners choose a more traditional timeless design.

Customizing your staircase to match your home and personal design choices is a great opportunity that will leave you with bragging rights. But following the fads may leave you with a really cool staircase one year and a staircase the screams “sooo last year” the next. Sticking with a staircase model that has already proven to be fashionable in all phases of different trends over the years is a sure way to create a timeless staircase.

If you are installing a brand new staircase or just giving it a facelift with a brand new balustrade, choose parts that don’t have allegiance to any school of architecture as far as detail and ornamentation. Keep it simple. Using ultramodern box newels will make a statement, but will also lock you into a trend and era. If you want to create a timeless staircase, choose simply designed parts. You can still choose stair parts that you love and that fit into the style and décor of your home, but keep simple in mind. If you find balusters that you have to have, but they make a statement, you can still use them. Balance them with a modest handrail and elegant newel posts. Keeping your staircase timeless doesn’t mean it has to be plain and boring, just keep choices in mind.

Although all hardwood is classic and timeless, some materials may fit your look and style better than others. Natural hardwood has distinct character and features unique to each species. So finding the right hardwood for your staircase is an important decision.

Consider your color scheme. Plain hardwood is always an excellent option. Timeless in itself, natural hardwood will be beautiful and on trend for years and years to come. But for homeowners looking for a stylistically neutral staircase, painting it white is a great option as well. A beautiful contrast to consider is painting the risers and balusters white and staining the stair rails and treads a darker color.

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