Make the most of the windows in your stairwell

June 11, 2013 1 min read

Depending on the layout of your house, the main staircase leading from one floor to another might be up against a side of the structure. As a result, you probably have a window or two bringing natural light into your steps, a detail that can really be quite nice. But when it comes to dealing with details like this, it's better to call attention to them than to leave them alone. 

Windows in your stairwell can be an excellent place for you to display certain small knick-knacks. Of course, these objects tend to be more impactful when grouped together, so consider also using the available wall space as a gallery for pictures, posters or paintings that you would like to highlight.

This will not only elevate the style of your staircase, but it will also give you the opportunity to see some of your favorite pictures and reminders of your family every time you head up and down the stairs, which is a wonderful bonus. 

But because of the placement of windows, you should be sure not to hang anything too valuable in this space if it could be damaged by natural light, since the sun will be streaming in on the stairs for much of the day. 

This is an excellent way for you to let your stair parts do the talking in terms of being a part of the decor of your home, not just an architectural detail. 

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