Achieve West Coast style in your house with a wrought-iron balustrade

May 15, 2013 1 min read

When you live in a country as large as the United States, certain regions end up developing their own local flavor, culture and aesthetic. This is especially true in an area such as Southern California, where the Pacific coast and desert climate help to lend a laid back feeling to the area. Architecture tends to reflect the climate, with Spanish Colonial houses being very popular for their more open atmosphere, letting a cool breeze flow throughout the house. 

Many people who visit the area become immediately taken in by this relaxed atmosphere and want to bring a little of it back home with them, especially during the long winters that plague so much of the rest of the country. And while changing the architectural style of your house may be a massive undertaking, it is easy to incorporate a little bit of this aesthetic into your home without doing much heavy lifting. 

For instance, a southwestern-printed area rug or open shelving can be easy ways to bring this look to your residence without really doing any kind of major work. Consider using light neutrals and warm accents to bring the aesthetic here properly. 

But to truly bring this open feeling to your home, consider making changes to your staircase. While a more traditional style of wooden staircase newels and handrails might be popular everywhere else, on the West Coast, homeowners prefer the open style of a wrought iron staircase. Design your balustrade with this in mind and get that Pacific feeling under your roof no matter what state you call home. 

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