Use the space under your stairs as dining room storage

May 13, 2013 1 min read

We have previously talked about the many uses for the space under your stairs. Rather than leaving these square feet empty - or under- utilized as a strangely shaped closet - it is possible to use this area much more creatively. When undergoing a renovation or constructing a staircase from scratch, you can seamlessly build a detail that will enable you to maximize this empty area.

For example, many homeowners choose to use the space near the landing of their staircase as a dining area. But of course, spending time as a family in this makeshift dining room will be a lot easier if it is not crowded with extraneous furniture.

Try installing drawers under your staircase as a safe method for holding your best dishes, silverware and glassware.  This will eliminate the need for a sideboard or buffet, allowing everyone in your family to enjoy their meal around the table much more leisurely. Rather than forgoing the kind of storage space that you need, you are simply adding it to the staircase nearby. 

Of course, in order to use this area as a dining room, the context has to be right. Upgrading your staircase so that your spindles, staircase newels and treads are all high-quality will make this a much nicer part of the home to enjoy a meal. 

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