Open staircases are popular in Nordic design

April 23, 2013 1 min read

The Nordic countries of Northern Europe are known for having a minimalist sense of style that's very much their own. Unlike the stark modern structures attributed to American architects, these spaces still feel warm and welcoming, despite the fact that they include little furniture and display almost nothing on the walls. 

Furniture giant Ikea may be closely associated with the apartments of college students, but the company is headquartered in Sweden, and its streamlined style is often attributed to the prevailing aesthetic of the land. While not for everyone, this minimalist aesthetic works very well for those who like an open and airy space that still somehow feels comfortable and warm, and it's only through studying spaces like this that you will gain insight into how such a thing can be achieved. 

If you're trying to decorate your home in this approachable Nordic elegance, the first step is to paint the walls a beautiful white. Despite the prevalence of snow in Scandinavian climates, the presence of a long, dark winter makes the inhabitants of these structures want to help them be as bright as possible.

But if you want to take it one step further, paint the treads of your staircase white as well. Many of these residences have open steps, skipping risers in favor of a simple balustrade and staircase newels, and leaving a kind of modern elegance on the entire setting. Outside of the true European influence, adding one of these staircases to your house can make it feel more open as well.

Don't confine the rooms in your house from area to area. Instead, make the entire thing more accessible, starting with the stairs. 

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