This Earth Day, consider your carbon footprint

April 23, 2013 2 min read

Today, along with 192 countries across the world, the United States is celebrating Earth Day. And while many people undoubtedly have little planned to mark the occasion, this is a great opportunity to consider the environmental impact of the choices you make every day. 

No matter what you do, Earth Day is a great time to consider walking, riding a bike, using a reusable container or taking another small step toward living an environmentally friendly life day to day. This is also a great time to consider your carbon footprint. This calculation is the sum of your individual impact on the Earth, and includes everything from the fuel emissions created on your drive to work to the cleaning products you choose to buy. 

Here in the U.S. There are regulations on the environmental impact that's allowed by corporations and manufacturers. These laws ensure that manufacturers employ the best practices to keep the air clean and free from pollutants when making everything from furniture to electronics. Unfortunately, many companies choose to produce their items in countries with more relaxed standards, like China. 

This means that by the time you purchase something that was made overseas, it may have racked up an enormous carbon footprint through production, materials and shipping. Therefore, it's important to consider the origins of everything you purchase, no matter what it is. 

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