Design classics: the double staircase

April 18, 2013 2 min read

No matter what style of architecture your house is, there's nothing quite like a double staircase to add drama to an entryway. This classic look might be associated with great mansions, but a number of modern architects have employed it in more modest contemporary residences as well. 

The incredible symmetry of two staircases leading to the same destination is a great way to add visual interest to a two-story foyer. Legend has it that the steps were designed so that women could use one, and men the other, thus avoiding getting an accidental glimpse of a woman's ankles while heading down the stairs.

Though many historians point out that this architectural style was popular well before the prim Victorian era, so there is an old fashioned elegance to living in a house with a staircase like this. 

If you're thinking of remodeling, adding a double staircase to your home will create an incredible impact and help to make an impression on guests as soon as they walk through the door. Even if you're not looking to go through a full-scale renovation, it's becoming quite popular for people to make lofts in spaces with high ceilings. Adding a second staircase from the loft will make this detail of your house even more impactful, plus help to control the traffic pattern if more than one person is using the space at a time. 

If you're thinking of doing this, consider using sleek metal staircase newels  in order to lend an interesting modern aesthetic to the structure. Be sure to pick out quality American made stair parts so that you know that your steps will be architecturally sound even if you're building them yourself. 

Even if you live somewhere small, you can have the kind of dramatic steps that will make your house noticeable. 

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