For an easy, statement-making change to your staircase, update the starting step

April 15, 2013 1 min read

Homeowners may have a miles-long list of updates they would like to make to their property, but often budgets get in the way of achieving absolutely complete or ideal renovations. Rather than get frustrated when, for example, you have to let go of those custom cabinets in exchange for the new oven you've been pining for, it's best to get creative with your home design projects.

By making strategic updates to your property, you can keep your home looking fresh without breaking the bank or ending the possibility for further changes down the road.

When it comes to your home's main staircase, you may think this kind of incremental change is impossible. But you don't have to replace the entire balustrade or all of the treads in order to freshen up this high-traffic part of your home. You can simply update the starting step to make more of an impact.

If your staircase is not boxed in by walls on both sides, you can achieve a more sophisticated, stylized look with a new first step. Those lucky enough to have a free-standing staircase may benefit the most from this, as an oversized double end starting step will make the most impact on your guests and family members. These steps protrude and curve off either side of the main staircase, allowing for a beautiful, inviting visual up the flight.

However, even staircases supported by one wall can take advantage of this trick with a one-sided oversized starting step, which turns attention up the flight's path.

At Stair Parts USA, we have a variety of starting steps available so that homeowners can easily update their staircases on their own.

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