To give your home a more contemporary feel, simply update the balustrade

April 11, 2013 2 min read

Often, when individuals are looking to create a modern staircase in their home, they are apprehensive about using wire or stainless glass railing - especially if this design is a huge departure from the overall look of the rest of the house. It's one thing if you are building a structure from scratch to start off with the most contemporary stair parts, but renovating an older home is a much bigger challenge.

In this situation, you want to find a compromise between old and new that implements contemporary designs without making the rest of your decor feel alien. A great way to meld old and new is to use materials that are already prevalent throughout your house - such as the hardwood from your flooring - while introducing new structures into the balustrade.

Begin by abandoning the traditional turned newels that are found in old-school colonial structures and switch to more imposing, modern box newels. At Stair Parts USA, we offer these stair parts in a wide array of hardwoods - from hickory to American cherry - so that you can match your staircase newels to the flooring you currently have in your house.

Continue the boxed look with the wooden balusters you choose. One of the newer products we offer on our website are a line of fluted wooden stair spindles in our Contemporary Collection that appear more sturdy because of their minimal detailing. These stair parts will give your flight a more Modernist flair and anchor the design of your main entryway.

When you simply update the balustrade of your main staircase you go far in changing the entire feel of your home's foyer.

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