More Americans are remodeling in 2013

April 10, 2013 2 min read

Perhaps one of the most telling signs that economic recovery is underway is that more Americans are choosing the summer of 2013 to undergo renovations on their home. Home design idea-sharing site conducted its annual Houzz & Home survey, which revealed that more Americans plan to do renovations on their house during the next year. 

According to the results, 7 percent fewer respondents of the more than 100,000 asked are planning on delaying their renovations due to financial reasons than in 2012. The survey also revealed that 40 percent of Americans are planning on doing a remodel or building an addition onto their house in the next two years. 

Experts suggest that this data speaks to the fact that many individuals are feeling that the economy is finally strong enough to make this kind of an upgrade to their dwelling, as well as the fact that more people are choosing to updates their house rather than move or rebuild. 

In terms of the challenges that homeowners face in taking on a remodeling project for their home, the most popular answer was "Finding the right product." 

Between concerns for the environment and the fact that many families also prioritize design value, it can be hard to find trustworthy stainless stair parts and staircase newels for your home. Don't assume that you have no choice but to select an imported or inferior product when you're picking out new stair parts as a part of your remodel. 

When you shop with Stair Parts USA, you can feel comfortable that all of our offerings are of the best possible quality for the price, and that all of our wood products are American made. If you're one of the millions of Americans doing some kind of renovation this summer, make sure that you're getting your building materials from a source you trust. 

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