Ensure that you have a pet-friendly staircase

April 10, 2013 2 min read

For many of us, a house is simply not a home until it has a dog or cat living in it. Having a pet in your residence can help an empty space feel more complete and ensure that your house is never lonely. 

And while there are endless reasons why including man's best friend into your household can help to make it a more cheerful place, it's also undeniable that these furry friends can be quite something to clean up after. Even well-housebroken dogs and cats still shed all over the place, which can create a need for both frequent vacuuming and a certain tolerance for pet hair on your possessions. 

But if you make the right choices, you can ensure that cleaning your house - even if you have a pet - is a breeze. One of the biggest benefits from using stainless stair parts is the fact that these dependable elements are incredibly easy to clean. A carpeted staircase is not recommended if you have a dog or cat, since the fibers will attract their hair or dander and your cat might be tempted to scratch up the fabric. 

Making use of a much sleeker, modernist style like a stainless and glass staircase will not only give your home a bold new look, but it will also make it much more pet-friendly. You won't have to worry about Fido chewing up those staircase newels if they're made of a sturdy material like this, and stainless end caps will help to tie the entire look together. 

Rather than lamenting that your dog is creating a design dilemma in your home, consider them while you're working to renovate the house and watch as both of your qualities of life get better. 

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