A stair-runner is a popular choice for the summer house

April 08, 2013 2 min read

When it comes to decorating a summer house, there are many design aspects to consider. For a lot of homeowners, the vacation property is a place to relax and have guests, and these houses often come with a proximity to the beach that makes them particularly desirable. Therefore, it's only natural that most people would want to have the interior design of such a location reflect the feeling of serenity that they get when they visit. 

While furniture choice and placement are good ways to go about this, it's important to consider practicality in the built-in aspects of the residence, like the stairs. If you're lucky, the vacation property you have already has an inviting staircase, but if yours doesn't, it's the kind of quality upgrade that makes the entire house feel more elegant. 

Consider adding fresh white staircase newels and balusters to incorporate a relaxed and luxurious feeling into the space. This can be combined with dark wood treads or handrails to really make the space feel more inviting by adding contrast to the look and feel of the stairwell. But seeing as family members and guests will be frequently coming in from the pool or beach, sand could quickly wear down these fine treads, which can also be quite slippery under wet feet. 

Many homeowners have decided to combat these issues by adding a stair runner on the central staircase of their summer house. This can help to combat both of these problems, since it will provide traction and protect the polished wood at the same time. Best of all, replacing a strip of carpet is easier than replacing the entire stairwell, so you can help to keep your steps in great shape for longer. 

It's important to make decisions on decorating your second home from a practical as well as aesthetic standpoint, even with your stairs. 

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