How to capture Modernism with your staircase

March 21, 2013 2 min read

Going for a Modernist look in the home has been a popular design choice for much of the past half century. First developed in the early 1900s, this school of architecture is considered tasteful and relatively timeless, as it features minimal ornamentation or detail and instead dictates a more utilitarian mindset. Frank Lloyd Wright famously described his particular brand of Modern architecture as form following function, where the shape of the house and decoration of the interior and exterior of the property are based upon the needs of the occupant.

Wright is hardly the only famous Modernist architect, as many different kinds of structures - whether commercial high-rises or smaller residential properties - have followed the basic tenets of this design philosophy over the years. However, done wrong, a Modern home could come across as cold, which has prevented this style from catching on in mainstream interior design. If a homeowner is able to accurately capture the idea of a Modern property without robbing the home of its necessary comforts, the results are stunning, tasteful and classic.

To establish a modernist look in the main foyer of your property, consider starting with simple stair rails on your main flight. A good look could be polished stainless steel handrails which feature simple bracing and support from circular metal tubes that give off a clean and fresh look. While a turned baluster or dramatic box newel would be too overdone for a modernist foyer, a stainless steel railing is the perfect way to establish an elegant look in the home.

Stair Parts USA has a wide array of stainless steel options that can help make this look a reality. You could even choose from stainless wire railing or even fogged glass to complete the design.

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