Install a seasonal runner on your steps to lighten the mood of your foyer

March 21, 2013 2 min read

This spring, you may be looking to overhaul the look of your home's main foyer in an effort to shake off any memories of the harsh, cold winter that may still be lingering. Since this is the first room you and your guests will see upon entering the home, you want to set a positive, light and airy mood immediately.

For example, the dark tones that you may have implemented into the main stairway over the winter to make the place feel warmer may have the opposite effect in the spring and summer. Instead, your foyer may just feel all-out depressing when you come in from the warm air outside.

While you may not want to make the investment into entirely new wallpaper or paint on the walls, there are other subtle ways to address a potential issue with the color scheme of the room. For example, if you have hardwood floors in this part of the house - which many homeowners do, since they are much easier to clean in an entryway than carpeting - consider laying down some area rugs, or even a staircase runner, in a pleasing seasonal pattern.

To prevent these pieces from being stained by dirty feet stomping on them constantly, place a matt outside the main doorway for guests to wipe off any dirt and debris on their feet as well as on the interior side of the entrance.

There are staircase runners you can purchase that are easy to roll down your flight and keep in place using rods. These rods come in both light and dark metals, so choose a brighter tone to add to the lightness of the space. These will complement you turned balusters and make the space come to life.

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