A staircase that is easy to maintain and timeless

March 25, 2013 2 min read

Many homeowners aren't trying to make a big statement with their staircases, but are instead looking to instill their homes with a classy, elegant and ultimately timeless look that requires little maintenance. One way to do this is to stick with a basic hardwood staircase that is stained to a shade that promotes the natural beauty of the variety you chose, although there are a few downsides to choosing a stain.

First off, the best-looking stained woods are often the most expensive stair parts, and not everyone has the budget to introduce a Brazilian or American Cherry wood baluster into their home's main entryway. As well, when you stain a hardwood, it isn't always the easiest look to maintain, especially for large, active families. In this case, the stairs are likely to take a lot of abuse, and without a coat of paint over the treads and risers, nicks and dings from active family members are likely to be much more noticeable.

Consider a contrasting color scheme on your staircase that will hide abuse and allow your flight to blend in. On the parts of the staircase that get the most abuse - the treads and handrails - use a darker tone. Black isn't a true neutral, but a deep brown would work wonderfully and even reflect the tonality of the wood beneath the paint. On the balusters, risers and stringers, try to incorporate a lighter neutral tone. You can either go for richer cream colors or even a shade of gray to make this look work.

While you decide on what color scheme to go with, Stair Parts USA is your one-stop shop for affordable stair parts made from any wood you'd like.

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