Don't be afraid to replace the balustrade on your main staircase

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Many new homeowners find that the property they recently purchased seems to meet most of their needs - from the perfect number of bedrooms to just the right size kitchen - but that there are a few minor aesthetic flaws that simply just don't work. Carpeting, for example, is one design choice that previous residents may have made that you plan to tear up immediately after moving in. However, there are other projects that don't seem as straight forward and may have you apprehensive about taking them on.

One of these is the balustrade on the main staircase. This can be an especially sensitive area of the house the stair rails in your central foyer are giving you a headache. These designs have the ability to set the entire aesthetic tone for the rest of your home's interior, and if the balustrade in place is outdated or simply doesn't match your tastes, you may never be truly satisfied with the look of the residence.

A common misconception is that replacing stair parts is an extremely challenging task, no matter what the project's scope. Because this is such an important passageway, you want to make sure you aren't damaging the look of the staircase or its structural integrity.

Stair Parts USA offers replacement balusters and newels that are carved using the finest materials and craftsmanship to make sure that your turned balusters or boxed newels aren't weak at any point in the flight. If you follow the standards outlined by the Stairway Manufacturers' Association and your local building codes, you shouldn't face any major problems replacing the balustrade in your home and can ensure it has the overall aesthetic that you always intended for it.

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