Solid Iron Balusters now offers both Old World wrought iron balusters and Contractor Grade iron balusters.

Our Old World Collection features balusters crafted in Europe with the very cleanest of castings. The crisp lines and unique styles of the Old World Collection are sure to enhance the beauty and personality of your home. We offer a wide variety of styles, sizes, and shapes in this exciting new lineup. The Old World wrought iron balusters are available in new finishes like Classic Black, Dark Champaign, Warm Nickel, Midnight Bronze, Old World Copper, Shadow Grey, and Wrought Iron Black. These balusters are easy to install and sold individually for your convenience.

Standard Grade wrought iron balusters offer great dollar value. This collection features the most popular styles. These balusters are available in tubular or hollow for easier cutting.

Nearly all balusters being sold in the United States today come from Asia. We have balusters available from Asia for those looking for the lowest cost, but we also have balusters available from Europe for those wanting the very best quality and value; One collection for the customer who wants the very best available, and the other for the customer who wants a fashion forward design at a low price. also offers a large variety of quality Oriental wrought iron balusters to contractors and builders at wholesale prices. We offer fast shipping, as most of our wrought iron balusters are in stock. We offer a wide variety of different wrought iron balusters to fit your style. Whether you are looking for the Twist and Basket wrought iron balusters which feature graceful turnings mixed with elegant wrought iron baskets, or the versatility of the Versatile Series wrought iron balusters which are often mixed with the "S" Scroll wrought iron balusters, we have the wrought iron balusters you want for your home. Check out our Victorian Series wrought iron balusters if you are building or renovating a beautiful Victorian Style home.

Iron balusters returned to the forefront of American home design within the last ten years. Prior to that, wood balusters were the popular choice found in almost every home. Wood balusters are still very on trend, but iron has taken the lead as the baluster of choice for those building custom homes.

If you have questions about wood or iron stair balusters, please call us. We are more than happy to share both the pros and cons of each baluster with you. You can discuss balusters with our stairway professionals at (800) 403-1480.


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