December 30, 2015 3 min read

Stairs play a key role in the overall design and aesthetics of your home. They set the stage for the look and feel that your home creates. Your staircase’s large stature and undeniable presence creates an eye-catching focal feature, whether they beautifully reflect your taste or not, so making sure that your staircase is in tip top shape with details that reflect your personal style is important in giving the proper impression.

Wood handrails offer elegance and add a traditional look to the design of your staircase and they can make a significant difference in the look and feel of your home. With a variety of styles and designs to choose from, makes designing the staircase of your dreams a reality.

Before choosing the design of your handrail, first consider the space and style of your home or commercial stairway. Making sure that you have the proper size of handrail is extremely important and can make a substantial difference in the final appearance of the finished staircase. There is no use trying to make a bulky wooden handrail fit into a small and tightly packed residential space. Using a small and delicate handrail in a grand and open space will not work either. The size and proportions need to be correct in order to maintain the intended dignity of the staircase. If people are busy noticing the awkward proportions, they won’t be appreciating the time you spent designing your beautiful staircase.

The same philosophy applies to all of your stair parts. When creating or redesigning your stairs, ensure that all of the parts you choose reflect the space and design of the expanse you are working with. Match your wood stair balusters to the width of the stairs and the overall visual appeal and design of your home or commercial space. Wide wood stair balusters nicely complement a wider staircase, but are less appropriate for a narrow staircase. Wider wood stair balusters also need to match the surrounding hardwoods and millwork products like your doors, baseboard, and casing. A more prominent selection of hardwoods in your space, such as thicker moldings and baseboards, means that you’ll probably want to follow suit by choosing more prominently large stair parts in order to compliment the overall design of your space. If the hardwood surrounding your stairs is stained or painted, you may consider staining or painting your stairs in order to keep the area cohesive.

Look for a supplier, like, that offers wood handrails made from dozens of different custom hardwood species of wood for easy matching. To make sure that all of your wood parts match, select them from the same wood species. The designs of the newel posts should also match the handrails. Iron newel posts and balusters are an excellent choice for narrower staircases because they can create the illusion of a wider stairway. For narrower spaces, many homeowners will use curved handrails, ornate balusters, and iron newel posts to create elegance and impact.

Although buying a custom made wood handrail for your space may seem out of budget, in most cases it is surprisingly more affordable than expected. If you need any help in designing your staircase, or choosing the right parts for you design, can help. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to assist in making your dream staircase a reality.

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