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Stair related accidents can easily be prevented with just a few simple safety steps.

An easy, and somewhat obvious, preventative measure is installing handrails on either side of the stairway. The handrails should be sturdy, securely fastened to the wall, and wide enough to allow for a firm grip. Handrails function as added stability and support while going up or down stairs. To be sure of the safety and functionality of your handrail, you should be able to run your hand effortlessly up or down the entire length without having to adjust your grip.

Reduce the risk of tripping on a step, or missing it completely, by improving visibility on stairs with proper lighting. Appropriate lighting can greatly decrease the risk of common mishaps caused by mistakenly over or under estimating distances. It is easy to trip or miss a step when poor lighting decreases visibility. Avoid mishaps like twisted ankles, sprained knees, or more serious injuries caused by a fall, by giving time and attention to proper lighting.

Be sure to keep clutter at bay and keep stairs clear of tripping hazards. Toys, shoes, and miscellaneous household items can easily become the cause of a nasty fall. Try to keep items off of the stairways and be aware of any items when ascending or descending stairs.

If you have young children in the home it is always a good idea to invest in baby gates. Make sure to install at both the top and the bottom of the stairs to limit and monitor access. The best baby gates attach securely to wall and have the option of a safety lock.





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