November 05, 2015 2 min read

Beauty is in the eye of the homeowner. When designing your staircase, you may choose to go for a more traditional look, or you may create a one of a kind piece. Regardless of your style, personality, or design appeal, you will need to find the perfect balusters to match your vision.

When choosing your staircase balusters, keep in mind that they can have the greatest impact on the overall style of your staircase. Balusters create an opportunity for homeowners to demonstrate personality and artistic taste.

The style of your home may easily determine the balustrade style. Then all that remains is selecting the specific baluster design within this style. However, stairs and balustrades are considered a distinct piece of furniture that enhance the stylistic themes within home design. It may be that you choose to design your staircase to reflect your personal style or the design of a room rather than the style that classifies your home.

Wood balusters are often deemed the more traditional option, but offer a rustic and craftsman feel that can be interpreted as a more contemporary look as well. Wood balusters offer a heavier look and warmer feel. Iron balusters are typically smaller and colder but offer more versatility. Although iron balusters’ European roots date back hundreds of years, they are used so widely today that they are thought to give a contemporary look and feel to modern designs.

You should also consider mixing different materials to give a more eclectic and custom modern vibe. Wood and Iron baluster combinations are a common theme that increase the possibilities of design. Combining the two materials create a balanced composition as the wood offers warmth and solid structure, and the iron allows for more elaborate and versatile patterns.

Remember, it is nearly impossible to make a wrong choice because each decision is a reflection of personal style. Let yourself be creative. This is one piece of furniture that you can design and create yourself from scratch.

If you do need any help designing your staircase, give us a call. Our team of stairway specialists is ready to help you build the staircase of your dreams.





Article by Amber Burkhart

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