For stone steps, make sure that you have a quality railing

June 28, 2013 1 min read

Many people simply can't get enough of the look of stone stairs. Whether they're used as an architectural detail on the outside of a house, or to bring elements of nature inside, the hardness of stone can be seen as a wonderful contrast to the other elements of interior design or landscaping. There are so many different types of stone stairs that it can be difficult to bring them all together in a singular way, but the one element that they all have in common is their material. 

Though beautiful, it's important that homeowners also recognize that rock is, well, hard. When people trip and fall on a stone surface, they can become seriously injured because it will not give way beneath them. For this reason, stone steps tend to be shallow and few in number, though occasionally the material is used to create a striking staircase that's steeper and more sophisticated. 

Particularly if you have small children or elderly people in your house, it's important to try to make your staircase as safe as possible. Check to make sure that you have a quality railing, and consider adding one in the middle if you have a particularly broad structure in your home. Giving people something to hold on to will help them maintain their balance and stay safe on the steps. 

Stair Parts USA has quality steps from a number of reliable sources, as well as newel posts, hand rails and everything else you need. Make sure that your steps are up to code, and get parts from us. 

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