Make the space under your stairs a powder room for guests

June 28, 2013 1 min read

In some homes, the first floor includes a powder room where guests can freshen up. These simple two piece bathrooms are quite nice, since family members don't regularly use them. This ensures that its always clean and has special touches for visitors such as hand soaps and guest towels.

But many houses simply don't have the space for this kind of spare bathroom, which means that people who come over are often forced to use the same washroom as the rest of the family. The space under your central staircase, however, is a wonderful place for a powder room, since its probably not being used for much anyway.

Though adding a bathroom in a space where there was none means that you will have to enlist a plumber for the job, the result is that you'll be able to have a powder room for whenever you might need it.

It's very common for designers to blend the door to the powder room in with the wall so that it doesn't stand out. This way, you can have an extra accessory without drawing attention away from your ornate staircase newels and handsome hand rail.

This is a simple update that will increase the overall functionality of your house without requiring you to take on a major construction project. That way, your beautiful staircase can still take center stage where you live. 

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