Hang art opposite your stairs for an elegant yet simple entry

June 21, 2013 1 min read

If you've just recently moved into a new home and are unsure of where to start decorating, a great place to begin is with the entryway. Since this is the place that guests will first see when they walk in, it is easy to establish the tone for this setting before you move on to decorate anything else. Rather than trying to distil the style that you have come up with in the rest of the home into a single space, starting here is a great way to identify an aesthetic that you want to implement for the rest of the space. 

Many homes feature a grand staircase near the front door, which shows off the high style of the home and makes it convenient to get to the upper floors. Particularly if you want to show off the elegant quality of your stairs, you can play these up as a focal point of the house, pairing them with a painting or other piece of art that you want to highlight. 

Using a part of your house as a decor item like this will help to soften an entryway that might otherwise appear stiff because of the artwork. If you put down an area rug, this part of the home can even seem downright cozy. 

Of course, your entryway won't have as much impact if your staircase is rundown or damaged. If this is the case, upgrade it with premium pieces from Stair Parts USA. We ship fast and can provide you with beautiful pieces for your home. 





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