Would you wallpaper your staircase?

June 19, 2013 2 min read

It may be hard to believe, but wallpaper—a decor staple from the 1990s that has been firmly eschewed in more recent years— is coming back into style full-force. These days, you'll find wallpaper adorning all parts of a house, from a bedroom accent wall, to the kitchen and even on the walls of a staircase. 

However, unlike the last time wallpaper was a part of a design trend, today's popular wallpapers feature larger patterns as opposed to the delicate repetitive versions that were so common in the past. 

Those who are hoping to make their entryway especially striking can consider picking out a bold and interesting style of wallpaper that will make their main staircase really stand out. Of course, putting up wallpaper on a wall with stairs can be a real challenge, as you have to make sure that it meets each tread and riser exactly but that it doesn't spill over, creating a mess on all of your stair parts

If cutting and applying the paper like this sounds too difficult, many homeowners choose to install a baseboard moulding along their steps, making the stairs themselves appear a little bit more grand, and providing a smooth edge for the wallpaper to be put up against. In terms of how ornate your wallpaper should be, it's best to keep it in line with the look of your stairs, so if you have a simple balustrade, don't go crazy with a large and fancy pattern, or it will look out of place. 

if your newel posts are more detailed, pick a style that's in keeping with them. This way, no matter what, you can enjoy a beautiful looking staircase every day. 

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