Happy homes: when there are stairs in the kitchen

June 13, 2013 2 min read

It's no secret that the kitchen is the hearth of the home, helping to spread a welcoming feeling throughout the entirety of a house, as this is where family members tend to congregate and where most of the eating is done. A fully functional kitchen with plenty of counter space and all of the appliances you've ever wanted is a dream come true for many people, who simply can't wait to spend all of their time coming up with delectable creations for relatives and friends. 

Depending on the layout, some homes have a back staircase in them, providing an alternate route to the second floor of the house for family members. This can be nice, especially for a mom who is in the kitchen and needs to get the attention of her children, as she can just call up the stairs rather than actually going to find them. 

Most homeowners who have this feature in their houses wouldn't change it for the world, since the convenience is simply unparalleled. However, there is the question of what materials your stairs should be made out of, since they will probably not match your kitchen floor. 

Particularly if you live in an old house, the floor in your kitchen was probably made of wood at one point in time, but has likely been covered over with tile, laminate or another more durable type of flooring that can stand up to the occasional spill. Not wanting to do major construction, many homeowners add some of their tiling or flooring to the bottom few steps so that it looks tied in. 

Tiling your bottom step or another of your stair parts is a great way to make your stairs more impactful. 

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