Celebrity style: Cher's downtown L.A. duplex

June 06, 2013 2 min read

"If Cher hadn't been a singer, she definitely could've been a decorator," suggested Martyn Lawrence-Bullard, the decorator who worked with the singer on her two-floor apartment in Los Angeles. The iconic singer and actress may be known as a symbol of the peace and love of the 1960s, but later on in life, she has enjoyed helping to decorate her several residences, including the one in Los Angeles, which she toured in Architectural Digest. 

Located in one of downtown Los Angeles's most popular buildings, Cher's apartment spans two floors and totals 4,000 square feet. Together with Lawrence-Bullard, she was able to create a design that was both light and rich, bringing in textures and artifacts from India and China, while maintaining a neutral color pallet and accenting it with modern furniture. 

Because of her particular tastes, the singer decided that she would rather get rid of the initial floor plan of the place, which sectioned the apartment off into 12 rooms, in favor of an open floorplan. She also decided to have a custom spiral staircase connect the two floors. 

Much like all of the other elements of the house, Cher's staircase was chosen very carefully. It features hardwood treads sweeping up elegantly as they are connected to a series of wrought-iron staircase newels that gradually curve upward toward the second floor. The result is an elegant solution that connects the floors of the apartment without cutting the flow of energy. 

Bringing in a soothing Asian inspired decor to your own home might be just as easy as using a spiral staircase and neutral color pallet as Cher did. 




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