Give Eastern inspiration to your staircase

May 22, 2013 1 min read

Traditional Asian style has a lot to do with the flow of energy and the open feeling of a house. It is for this reason that minimalism and neatness are highly valued, helping to make even the smallest of city apartments feel bigger than it really is. 

Though the practice of feng shui goes back thousands of years, homeowners all over the world still use the traditional principles of this ancient art while they're considering the placement of furniture in their own homes. And while you might not want to fully subscribe to all of the rules that this practice dictates, it's not a bad system to consider if you're thinking of changing the layout of your home. 

The stairs in particular can really benefit from feng shui practices, as this will help the flow of traffic in your home and lower the instance of people running into one another or tripping and falling. If you're currently having an issue with any of these aspects of your traffic pattern, you might want to consider changing the arrangement of your stairs with a little bit of Asian inspiration. 

If your flight faces the front door, which is the source of energy in the house, changing the direction so that you have a curved landing that enables residents to enter off to the side can help to make the place feel more calm. This way, there is not a rush of feet greeting you as you come in the door, but rather a well-chosen balustrade. 

Make sure you pick stair parts for this update that have been made in the USA. This will ensure that your Asian-inspired layout has real staying power. 

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