A sleek glass staircase can bring a cool new look to a modern home

May 17, 2013 1 min read

During the mid-century period of the 1900s, architecture and home furnishings reached new and interesting heights, incorporating natural influences into sleek modern houses like had never been done before. Rather than being constructed out of typical housing materials such as wood shingles, these new structures featured a lot more glass, and were often made from smooth stone or concrete exteriors. 

Keeping such a bold style current has been a struggle for many contemporary inhabitants of these architectural gems, as the views and layout of such homes is often incredibly desirable, but there are other aspects of them that are a little harder to deal with. 

If you're living in a mid-century modern house, rather than try to make it feel more traditional, it's best to make updates in line with this ultra modern aesthetic. This will make guests in your house see its historic setup through a new context, and will serve to point out the real staying power of the design of your interior. 

A great place to begin your update is the staircase. Since the 1950s and 60s, staircase technology has improved significantly. It is now possible and plausible to have a glass and stainless steel structure leading from one floor to another in your home. This intriguing style will lend an instant sense of newness to your older home, and still be in line with its original aesthetic. Don't be afraid to be bold when updating a striking modern structure - these homes can handle it. 

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