Don't discount the potential of your steps while undergoing a remodel

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Perhaps the biggest mistake that many homeowners make while undergoing a renovation is underestimating the potential of their staircase. While the steps in your home are undoubtedly a necessary function for getting from one floor to another, they can actually be so much more. Rather than letting the architect or designer that you're working with talk you into a boring stock model, let them know that you're interested in taking a bolder approach to the design and see what they come up with when left free creative reign.

Currently, one trend that's becoming very popular in staircases is to make the treads and risers of your steps match exactly. Typically, the tread overhangs slightly from the riser, giving it an interesting  look and extending the amount of space that's available for feet. However, when this is removed and a staircase is built using entirely right angles, it becomes incredibly fascinating to look at, and might just be one of the most unique aspects of your home.

This style works best when pale woods are used, and some designers have gone so far as to panel the walls surrounding the structure as well - which will certainly make the area stand out, but may not be to everyone's liking.

In lieu of a traditional balustrade, it's best to choose a simple handrail, which will provide the necessary support to anyone walking on the steps, but leave your unique aesthetic uncluttered. If you're going through a remodel of your home, make sure that you don't discount the potential of the stairwell for incredible visual intricacy.

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