Turn up the style on your staircase by adding mismatched tile to your risers

April 05, 2013 2 min read

Right now, one of the hottest trends in home design is mixing patterns. While it may be easiest to incorporate this style through window treatments and throw pillows, it packs the most punch when it's done in more unexpected places. A staple of the Mediterranean, from Morocco to Italy, patterned tiles are particularly relevant right now. 

If you're looking to incorporate this inviting style into a part of your house where it can really resonate with everyone who walks in the door, why not try the stair case? Rather than picking a single design, mix and match by choosing tiles that have a similar color palette. You can then place these tiles on the risers of your steps to giver off an exciting visual effect. 

Of course, this might mean changing out some of the hardware on your staircase as well, since this unique style won't match all existing aesthetics. If your steps currently make use of turned newels, you may want to consider switching them out in favor of a box newel. The more grounded appearance of this uncomplicated stair part might be just what you need to complement the array of geometric shapes on your risers. 

You may be assuming that this style will only work in the more rustic of homes, but it can actually be a welcome addition to more modern spaces, giving them a lived-in feel that you might not always be able to achieve on your own. Therefore, it can be applied to stairwells with a glass balustrade as well. 

Adding patterned tile to the risers of your steps is an easy way to make sure that your home stands out, since this is the kind of style that will instantly welcome any and all who might approach your home. 

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