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Maximize the available space in your home by creating a sleeping loft

April 04, 2013 2 min read

With real estate prices the way they are these days, many individuals are opting to live in smaller spaces so that they can have their pick of a city's neighborhoods, rather than settling for a traditionally sized home way out in the suburbs. This movement hasn't just been embraced by those who are looking to spend a little less in terms of housing however. Green advocates endorse it as well, since small dwellings are typically more energy-efficient. 

But how can you keep your life in order in a small studio when you were once used to living in a much larger space? Those who do it successfully suggest that the keys lie with built-in furnishings and making use of vertical space as well as horizontal. One very popular solution is to make use of a sleeping loft. 

Rather than attempting to sleep comfortably on a pull-out couch or go without living space, the sleeping loft seems a natural solution for those spaces that have high ceilings but limited floor space. Many individuals are using this innovative idea to add square-footage to their homes. It is also a good way to turn a vaulted ceiling into a guest room. 

It is surprisingly easy to build a sleeping loft for your residence, but they will always feel more comfortable if you use a stair case. In order to really make your sleeping loft feel like a part of the home, think of using wood stair components, and since it's likely to be steeper than most traditional stairways, it's a good idea to make sure that you have a sturdy stair rail

Many people have found that adding sleeping lofts to their house can give them the kind of privacy that they simply can't find in a standard studio. Some have even been able to further increase usable space by tucking storage behind risers. Living in a small space is all about finding what works for you, but if you maximize what you can use, it will be a much better experience. 

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