Bright color schemes are a growing trend when it comes to modern staircases

March 02, 2013 2 min read

Bright, splashy color schemes are a huge trend many interior designers are implementing this year., an online magazine that sources design professionals for the most current tips on how to make rooms feel fresh and new, recommends that homeowners implement bright tones on their staircases. Because these structures are the focal point of any main entryway, how they are decorated will have a large effect on the entire aesthetic of the space.

While many home designers will simply hang colorful photographs, paintings or tapestries along the wall that abuts the staircase, actually taking paint to the individual stair parts will have a playful and dramatic affect.

Consider splashing an array of colors over your balustrade. While you probably want to avoid having all the colors of the rainbow ascending your steps, stick to one general tone and use different hues on each baluster. You could start with the darkest shade at the main box newel post and then slowly progress shades as you make your way up the handrail. Or, if you really want to give the space a bold look, have tones alternate in waves, implementing a pattern into the structure. The most daring designers would recommend abandoning a specific pattern and instead choose hues at random to give the balustrade a more chaotic look.

Whatever approach you choose, adding a touch of color will give even the most dull staircase a lot of personality and help turn your main entryway into an especially inviting area. This is useful for homes with older stair parts that are beginning to show their age. However, if a staircase is beyond the point of repair, you can always look into purchasing new pieces at Stair Parts USA to ensure your flight is safe and stylish.

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