Get adventurous with the carpeting that covers your steps

March 02, 2013 1 min read

Many homeowners choose to carpet their staircases because it is more sensible given the residents of the household. If your staircase is an especially high-traffic area of the home, then it makes sense to protect your stair parts with a protective layer of carpeting. This is especially useful if you have children that run up and down the stairs and sometimes find themselves tumbling down the structure. Carpeting, in this instance, provides an extra cushion between your child and the hardwood treads.

However, the carpeting that you lay down over your central flight doesn't have to only be a utilitarian accessory. In fact, you could potentially improve the entire aesthetic appeal of your staircase by laying down some adventurous colors and patterns.

According to HGTV's design blog, 2013 is going to be a big year for patterns, specifically florals. Expansive, flowing flower patterns are being embraced by interior decorators, so the more adventurous you get with the design, the greater the payoff.

While you may be apprehensive about implementing white on the stairs, since muddy shoes tend to leave stains, using this neutral as a backdrop will work wonders in establishing the carpeting as a focal point. To limit the appearance of potential scuffs or stains, choose a pattern that is extremely rich and detailed with deeper tones to help these marks blend in.

Aside from dressing your stair parts, bring the whole look of the foyer together by buying flowers. It's spring, and your favorite varieties are probably in season, so put them in vases throughout this room. Preferably use a species that mimics the the look of the pattern on the stairs.

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