Maintenance tips for an outdoor, wrought iron baluster

February 26, 2013 2 min read 1 Comment

Wrought iron stair parts have been popular for generations, as they allow homeowners to create staircases either indoors or outside of the home that have an unparalleled sense of artistry to them. Balusters made from wrought iron have a sculptural quality to them that is captured thanks to the material's ability to bend and twist relatively easily given the proper conditions.

If you use these kinds of stair parts outdoors, they may be subject to rust or deterioration because of their exposure to the elements. This means that homeowners have to be extra careful about maintaining these pieces to guarantee they last.

One of the key ways to accomplish this is by applying a solid coat of paint over your wrought iron balusters that will protect them from rusting over time. Even the best quality paints and primers will eventually wear off, so homeowners should be sure to keep tabs on the balustrade yearly. This is especially true in climates with long, challenging winters that batter the exteriors of homes with snow, freezing rains and punishing winds.

Make sure to get the surface of your wrought iron balusters as smooth as they were the day you bought them. Use a wire brush and scrub the stair parts vigorously to remove any rust that may have built up over time.

Choose a paint that has been specifically designated for use outdoors and features some kind of rust-preventing chemical in the formula. In most cases, this paint will be in an aerosol can, allowing you to simply aim the product at the balustrade and spray. Be sure to protect the rest of your stairs, like the treads and risers, if you don't plan on giving them a coat of paint as well, by covering them with old sheets or a painter's tarp.

When you install wrought iron balusters for the first time, make sure to paint the bottom and underside of this stair part first. Water tends to pool at the bottom, causing damaging erosion to unprotected balusters.

Consider giving your balusters a fresh coat at the beginning of every spring so that they won't begin deteriorating prematurely.

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Kendall Everett
Kendall Everett

May 10, 2021

I would have never thought to make sure the surface is as smooth as the day they were installed. It makes sense to maintain the iron railing like the first day it was used. If possible, doing a maintenance check once a season would help to catch any issues such as rust.

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