The perfect staircase for a box newel

February 14, 2013 2 min read

A large newel will make an imposing statement in your home, establishing the stairs as the focal point of your main entryway. Many homeowners go with the philosophy that the bigger the newel the better, as it does the majority of the work in establishing the foyer's overall aesthetic. However, this look works best with specific types of staircases and might look out of place in others.

For example, a curved staircase doesn't necessarily evoke the geometric uniformity that a box newel might. Instead, since this staircase is itself a turned design, the curvature of a turned newel post, complemented by a series of turned balusters, will enhance the curvature of this structure. The same is true for flights that pour out into an entryway with a flared design, where the balustrade looks more natural if it weaves at the landing to meet a less dramatic newel.

Box newels make the biggest impression on more simplistic stairs with straight designs. That isn't to say that a more basic set of steps can't themselves be interesting, but the parallel and perpendicular planes of a straight slope are a better reflection of the look a squared newel post gives off. This is especially true on staircases that either fold or turn back, as each landing newel only enhances the drama of the balustrade.

Stair Parts USA offers box newels and box balusters in an array of woods that would be perfect for any main entryway. If you have a curved staircase, there are also dozens of turned newels and balusters that can help make these structures look elegant, whether you'd like a mahogany, cherry, walnut or any other kind of staircase in your home.

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