Pairing stainless steel hand rails with rich wood stair parts

February 14, 2013 2 min read

Stainless steel railings have for a long time been found only in commercial or industrial settings, as they don't necessarily connote the warmth most homeowners want from their central staircase. However, homeowners have increasingly embraced the look of the stainless steel handrail over the past few years, as it has the ability to lighten up an entryway, allowing homeowners to be more adventurous in how they go about decorating the rest of their foyer.

To make the look more "homey," many homeowners pair a stainless steel handrail with an elegant wood on the steps and risers. This creates a contrast that draws attention to the more aesthetically pleasing aspects of each material. A dark wood like American Cherry, Brazilian Cherry or Mahogany on the treads will stand out and look even more richly stained when paired with the light tonality of a steel railing. This way, instead of investing in intricate wood balusters and box newels, you can let your steps and treads do the heavy lifting stylistically.

On the flip side, the steel will make the staircase seem much cleaner and modern, allowing you to incorporate trendier design cues throughout the rest of the space. Now your main entryway won't look over-crowded if you decide to incorporate large works of art or an adventurous color scheme.

Stainless round bar railing is the way to go if you are pairing the handrail with a rich hardwood, as this will give the appearance of greater stability than a wire railing would and will reflect the quality and long-term durability of the woods you choose.

This look is especially impressive in entryways that feature a winding railing, possibly on a multi-flight structure that turns at one or more landings. These are useful stair parts that have a surprising amount of versatility.

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