The importance of an elegant starting step

January 28, 2013 2 min read

The central staircase in your house should make an elegant statement. Too often, homeowners consider their main stairway an afterthought and design around the structure, not realizing that a classy set of steps will save them money in the long run when it comes to purchasing decor.

A great way to take your staircase from boring to extraordinary is to invest in a statement-making starter step. Whether you are looking into replacing your entire staircase or would just like to reinvigorate the structure already in your home, Stair Parts USA makes quality, Amish-crafted starter steps that function as the focal point of your entryway.

Most companies charge extra for curved starter steps and limit the kinds of wood they will work with. We allow you to choose any wood you'd like, whether that be a premium material like Brazilian cherry or a basic oak or maple.

If you aren't replacing your entire staircase, we can create a curved starter step at your request using whatever materials your stairs were originally built from.

When choosing your starting step, it is important to know which newel post you intend to mount on it. The standard-sized starting step is usually used with an over-the-post balustrade system and most often utilizes a volute - essentially, the post will sit on top of the step instead of being incorporated into the structure.  Larger starting steps look best when a prominent box newel is built in conjunction with the piece, making the banister and the first step truly stand out.

Stair Parts USA offers double-ended or single-ended curved starting steps in a variety of stock materials, as well as bow-ended landings that curve outward.

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