How to successfully use tiles on your staircase

January 26, 2013 1 min read

In warmer climates, the materials available to you that can make your staircases stand out are much more varied. Generally, in the northern parts of the country, you have to be sure that the flooring you use on your stair treads is durable and protected from the imminent wear and tear of shoes that have been exposed to ice, snow and street salts.

When you live in a state that has persistently good weather, the kind of flooring you use can be dynamic and even have a decorative flair given the fact that feet traveling through these spaces aren't usually transporting much debris.

One popular trend in southern states has been incorporating tiles into floors and staircases to add a bit of vibrancy to an often overlooked part of the home.

Placing tiles on the stairs of a home is a task that should be done keeping a few precautions in mind. You'll want to continue using traditional wooden treads on your stairs, as decorative tiles may be more slippery than a finished hardwood, making them something of a hazard. However, if you use tiles along the risers of the stairs, you can creatively enhance the overall look of the structure without compromising safety.

Apply the tiles to your risers like you would any wall, using spackle and a colorful array of ceramic pieces that are a feast for the eyes. Tiles are durable enough to endure the occasional kick that risers are prone to, and can be easily cleaned if mud builds up on them.

Complement the look by using wrought iron balusters and hardwood handrails for an adventurous design in your home's interior.

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