April 21, 2016 2 min read

You may be considering updating your staircase. If it’s to modernize your traditional staircase, or if you’re curious about the new styles and design trends of today’s staircases, incorporating wrought iron into your staircase design is an excellent idea.

Transforming and updating your staircase could be as simple as switching to wrought iron balusters. Although the look of wrought iron is different than the traditional wood balusters found on most staircases, the line of wrought iron balusters on the market today are sure to impress. Improved manufacturing processes and better designs have wrought iron balusters looking more beautiful than ever. And with a variety of styles and finishes to choose from, your design options become seemingly endless. Homeowners are embracing this trend as iron balusters complement almost any kind of stair design and offer an incomparable ornate elegance.

You may have concerns about mixing metal and wood, but the end result is absolutely stunning. Combining the two materials actually does something incredible. The traditional, rustic wood adds warmth and familiarity while the curves and ornate detailing of the wrought iron add beauty and sophistication. The marriage of the two materials results in a complementary couple that will add interest and personality to your staircase.

The beauty of wrought iron balusters will transform your staircase. StairPartsUSA.com offers both the Old World Wrought Iron Balusters and the Contractor Grade Iron Balusters. The Old World Collection features balusters crafted in Europe that have the very cleanest of castings. They come in a wide variety of new powder coatings allowing you limitless design opportunities. Contractor Grade wrought iron balusters feature great dollar value. This collection features the most popular styles and are sold in box lot quantities to bring you the best value for your dollar. These balusters are available in fewer finishes. For more of a contemporary styling, check out our Design Series wrought iron balusters. This series is used with everything from Mid-Century contemporaries to the contemporary Craftsman homes of the west coast.

Break up the uniformity of your traditional wood staircase and create a more interesting and dynamic staircase with wrought iron balusters.

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