How to Decorate Your Stairway Wall

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So you’ve just created your dream staircase and it’s perfect, but all you can focus on is the big empty space behind your stairway. People often neglect this area of their home, and honestly with a beautiful staircase to steal the show, decorating your stairway wall may not be necessary. But for those of you who are looking for ways to compliment your amazing staircase with a beautifully decorated wall, here are some ideas.

A simple, and somewhat obvious, idea is to hang family photos. You’ve probably seen it a lot, but it’s a great place to display photos of your loved ones as you not only get to see them every time you use your stairs, but it takes an otherwise boring space and makes it memorable. Keep it simple with just a few family photographs or create a historical feature wall with portraits of multiple generations.

Add shelves for small décor items or practical storage. Depending on the space you have, you can add shelves to hold items you want to display or store. Are you an avid collector of small trinkets and treasures? Put them on display for you and guests to enjoy. Love reading? Turn the empty wall space into a giant bookshelf to house all of your favorite books.

Use artwork. If you have kids this is a great space to display all of their artwork. Put their art in frames and create a collage or simply add some twine and rotate artwork as they make it with clothespins. If you don’t have children, add some of your favorite paintings or prints.

Mirrors are a very popular way to decorate walls, and understandably, as they can add so much to a space. You can stick to simpler designs to give your stairway a more minimalist vibe or go for something a little more ornate or decorative. Whatever your personal taste, mirrors are a great way to add depth and reflect light.

Add a feature wall with a fun paint color or patterned wallpaper. Just adding a new fun color or pattern will liven up the space while still allowing your stunning staircase to be the star of the show.

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