Zip Clip Shoes for 1/2" Hollow Iron Balusters


Zip Clip Shoe Dimensions

Flat Shoe = L 1-1/2” x W 1-1/2” x H 1-1/4”
Pitch Shoe = L 1-1/4” x W 1-1/4” x H 2-1/2”

Zip Clips offer an easy alternative to the typical hollow iron baluster installation! No more drilling and cutting holes in your stairs to fit the baluster! Simply line up and drill into place the top and bottom metal base, lock the baluster into the top and bottom, and slide the shoe to cover!

Each Zip Clip package comes with two adjustable shoes and is designed to work with one hollow iron baluster, providing a metal base and slide-on shoe for both the top and bottom of the baluster. For more information, or for a detailed look at Zip Clip shoe installation for hollow iron balusters, please watch the video below!

NOTEThe set screw will require a 2.5mm hex key (Allen wrench) to tighten.


Customer Reviews

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Thomas Snowden
Great product!

Easy to install and looks great!

R Thomas
Balusters for my log cabin

The balusters and zip-clips were delivered in a timely manner.
The balusters were easy to cut to the appropriate length with my compact cut-off tool.
The flat zip clips were easy to install, not so for the angled zip clips.
When researching I failed to notice that the angled zip clips are for a stair with an inclined of 35-37 degrees (my stairs are 45 degrees): I painted black the footings so that they did not shine under the gap.
The **** that connects the baluster's holder to the footing is in the way: if you remove it, you have to pay attention to the tiny washer (I lost the first. Fortunately I had ordered and extra package of zip clips for spare parts).
I replaced all the provided screws with self driving screws: they did not strip and allowed me to install the zip clip where I could not reach with the drill to predrill the hole.
I am pleased with the look of the finished project.

New appreciation for iron work .

These definitely help to get the job done . You have to take your time and not rush though . Screws for the bases need to go down straight and not on a angle.

My application was only for 15 total in my home remodel and it took a fair amount of time .

Jim Johnson
Not for small orders

Purchased 4 zip clips and 4 metal balusters. Total order was $40. Shipping cost was $68! Can’t remember if I used Apple Pay or PayPal at checkout, but the shipping wasn’t clear until you made the purchase. On top of that, I made the error of purchasing the wrong zip clips… there is a 25% restocking fee! Coming and going…. Not the best way to have returning customers. I won’t be.

Hey Jim,

I'm sorry for the late reply here! The Zip Clip shoes ship directly from the manufacturer, which is why there are higher shipping costs on orders like this due to the need for two separate shipments (one for the Zip Clips and one for the balusters). We're certainly able to handle smaller orders, but being a small business there are higher handling costs compared to a larger box store or something like Amazon. Due to the delay in our response, I've gone ahead and issued a full refund for the four packs of Zip Clip shoes. Apologies for the issue here, but I appreciate the constructive feedback!

Best regards,
Tom B.
Stair Parts USA

Mark Torreano
High Quality

Very well made parts!! I like that they are metal as opposed to the ones they sell in Home Depot, which are plastic.