"Ole Iron Slides" - 1/2" Square x 30"-38"H Standard Scroll Adjustable Hollow Iron Baluster (ISSCR)


CISSCR: "Ole Iron Slides" - 1/2" Square x 30"-38" H Standard Scroll Adjustable Hollow Iron Baluster


Pivotable Shoe: 1-1/8” high X 1-1/4” wide X 1-5/8” long

Base Shoe: 1-1/4" high X 1-3/8" wide X 1-3/8" long

Not available in a Knee Wall series length.

NOTE: The standard version of the Ole Iron Slides balusters now ships with 2 swivel shoes and one flat (base) shoe. The Ole Iron Slides balusters require Allen wrenches (not included): metric #2 and #4.

Color Options