Brazilian Cherry

Brazilian Cherry, or Jatoba, is a very dense wood weighing approximately 56 pounds per cubic foot once seasoned. Brazilian Cherry is a popular choice for stair parts and flooring because it is very shock resistant. Its color has even more reddish hues than American Cherry, with a grain pattern that is similar to the Mahogany family. It often has dark streaks in the graining.

This beautiful wood has grown in popularity in recent years due to its extreme durability and its beautiful coloring. Jatoba combines the warm glow of American Cherry and the straight graining of Mahogany, but is much more difficult to dent. It is best to keep this wood out of sunlight until ready to install and finish as it is extremely sensitive to sunlight. Jatoba will darken quickly when placed in direct sunlight. Using a stain or clear coat with a UV inhibitor is recommended to reduce darkening if a lighter color is desired.

Builders often report the need to pre drill the treads for installation. It is so hard it can dull saw blades quickly. When gluing up pieces of this wood, it is necessary to clean all glue surfaces with an acetone type substance or the glue may not adhere properly. This is due to the high sap content of the wood. It is more difficult to install than Red Oak, but its beautiful coloring and extreme durability make it a favorite among customer home builders and homeowners alike.