Zip Clip Shoes for 1/2" Hollow Iron Balusters

Zip Clips offer an easy alternative to the typical solid iron baluster and hollow iron baluster installation! No more drilling and cutting holes in your stairs to fit the baluster! Simply line up and drill into place the top and bottom metal base, lock the baluster into the top and bottom, and slide the shoe to cover!

Each Zip Clip package comes with two adjustable shoes and is designed to work with one solid or hollow iron baluster, providing a metal base and slide-on shoe for both the top and bottom of the baluster. For more information, or for a detailed look at Zip Clip shoe installation for solid iron balusters and hollow iron balusters, please watch the video below!

NOTEThe set screw will require a 2.5mm hex key (Allen wrench) to tighten.

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