Adjustable Knuckle for 1/2" Square Hollow Iron Baluster (9064AK)


H9064AK - Adjustable Knuckle with set screw for 1/2" Square Hollow Iron Baluster

NOTE: The set screw will require a 2.5mm hex key (Allen wrench) to tighten.

NOTE: The adjustable knuckle can be used on either end of a twist design, but is not able to slide over a twist. So this will unfortunately not be able to be placed in the middle of our 9002 Double Twist Baluster.



Customer Reviews

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Eric Roben
Replaced 271 balusters in my house

Best price on the internet, very fast shipping and high quality products. I replaced white wooden balusters on our two opposing staircases that wrap around the great room with a catwalk. It now looks like a million bucks.

David Warren

The product was very good. However, my customer cancelled the order so when I asked about returning the knuckles, I was told there is a 30% restock charge. That seems to be quite high.

Stephen F.
Love them but……

After our hardwood floor installer left, we wanted them PERFECTLY lined up so we tried moving some up or down a bit and it seems they are easy to “strip”. Now I can’t move one that is right smack in the middle of our staircase, so it is stuck in an off-centered location on the spindle, which looks AWEFUL. So, be careful installing these. Other than how fragile they are with installation, they look great! Happy we picked this design for our staircase.

Rod Mastrud

Adjustable Knuckle for 1/2" Square Hollow Iron Baluster (9064AK)

Paula Houston

Easy to use and they look great